8. Database

Database Connection

The control plane and data plane require a database connection. By default in the local dev environment it connects to an in-memory (or local filesystem) sqlite database with zero-configuration.

In production, the database needs to be setup before spinning up the control plane and data plane. See Env Configuration → for the exact configuration.

The following two environment variables controls how we can connect to the databases.



=============  ==============================================
"sqlite3"      "file:memdb1?mode=memory&cache=shared&_fk=1"
"sqlite3"      "_opv.sqlite?mode=memory&cache=shared&_fk=1"
"mysql"        "root:@tcp("
"postgres"     "postgres://user:password@host:5432/opv"

Database Visualization

Database doc can be generated by make tbls, and the detailed README can be found on the dbdoc folder.


Supported databases

  • MySQL
  • Vitess(MySQL driver)
  • PostgreSQL
  • SQLite
  • MongoDB (TODO)
  • DocumentDB (TODO)
  • DynamoDB (TODO)
  • Redis (TODO)

Currently, OPV uses the ent framework to connect to SQL databases.

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