Data Plane Demo

Playground demo of tokenization and detokenization via the Data Plane:

  • For tokenization, we are using a public OPV grant token that’s only writtable to data plane’s /js/v1/facts route.
  • For detokenization, we are using a private OPV grant token that’s only readable to data plane’s /api/v1/facts/* route. Note that we highly recommend one don’t expose the token with read permissions to the public JavaScript client. This detokenization is for demo purposes only.

Proxy Plane Demo

Playground demo of sending API requests to Checkr via the Proxy Plane:

  • The definition of the proxy routing can be found at opv-proxyplane-http.example.json.
  • We simulated that once the internal system have tokenzied facts (i.e. sensitive PIIs), it can talks to a dedicated proxy plane route for automated detokenization when sending the requests to external vendors like Checkr API.
  • You can also inspect the network requests directly from your browser (tldr - press F12) to check the actual payload.

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