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PII Structure

Deep understanding of the open standard and various structure of Personal Identifiable Information (PII). Currently supports 50+ PII fact type validations.


P99: 10ms

Security First

Open Privacy Vault never stores the plaintext. It has a pluggable encryption engine design, which can work with various encryption like NaCl secretbox, or even just plug in Hashicorp Vault as the encryption backend.

Flexible Policy & Validation

Flexible token strategy with fine-grained access control. You get to define and control the level of access, redaction, and validation - that can be applied to the individual fields of PIIs.

Database Storage

Bring your own database. OPV features a database adapter design, and it supports MySQL, PostgreSQL, and SQLite.

Open Standard

Native support for CCPA, GDPR, and other regional privacy compliance. With OPV Collect, OPV Tokenization, OPV Secure PII Exchange, the community is developing an open standard for fair use of privacy information.


Features and Roadmap

Database Adapters
Pluggable Encryption Engines
Grant Token Authorization
Structural PII Validation (50+ PII types)
Control Plane, Data Plane, Proxy Plane
OPV Collect JavaScript Widgets v1 roadmap
Client Side Encryption and Hashing v1 roadmap
JavaScript, Go, Ruby, Python SDKs v1 roadmap
DSRHub Workflows for GDPR/CCPA v1 roadmap